Can't afford an attorney, and can't find free legal help?

How It Works


You need a lawyer in Orange County, CA, but can’t afford one.


Search for an attorney who is committed to providing representation at an affordable rate on the Lowboknow directory.


When you find an attorney who interests you, simply give him/her a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Lowboknow, and how does it differ from Proboknow?
Lowboknow is a part of Proboknow. It’s a searchable directory of attorneys who have committed to representing clients on a “low bono” basis. Low bono representation is not free; rather, it’s discounted. A substantial portion of the American population makes too much money to qualify for pro bono (free) legal help, but can’t afford standard legal fees; low bono representation is for them. It’s also for those who do qualify for pro bono help but can’t find an attorney who is willing to help for free. If you’re a client who’s discovered that you don’t qualify for free legal help on Proboknow, then don’t despair! You can search for an affordable attorney on Lowboknow. If you can’t find an affordable attorney on Lowboknow, then write to us. Likewise, if you’re a client who has qualified for free legal help on Proboknow, but no attorney has picked up your case yet, then you might also want to check out Lowboknow. You might be able to find an attorney who is unable to represent you for free, but is willing to take on your case for a discounted fee.
Do I need to be located in Orange County, CA in order to use Lowboknow?
In order to maximize the chances that clients can match with attorneys, Lowboknow is committed to focusing on one geographical area at a time - starting with Orange County, CA. If you are an attorney, then you must be located in Orange County, CA. But, if you are a client, then you can be located anywhere (e.g., out-of-county or out-of-state), so long as the legal help you're looking for is in Orange County, CA.
What’s with the name - Why “Lowboknow”?
The directory was named “Lowboknow” in order to reflect its commitment to facilitating clients’ access to low bono legal representation on the one hand, and attorneys’ knowledge of low bono opportunities, on the other. The result – a combination of the terms “low bono” and “know”.
Is Lowboknow a law firm?
No. Lowboknow is not a law firm, and it does not provide representation. Lowboknow is merely a directory that allows for clients and attorneys to connect.
Is Lowboknow free to use?
Yes. Lowboknow does not charge clients or attorneys to use the directory.
What sort of “affordable” rates can I expect from the attorneys listed on Lowboknow?
In order to be listed on the Lowboknow directory, an attorney must commit to providing a discounted rate to Lowboknow users. This rate must be below market, but how far below market is up to the attorney. Contact an attorney who seems like a good fit for you to discuss this issue.
Does Lowboknow guarantee a successful case outcome?
No. Lowboknow makes no guarantees regarding case outcomes. Lowboknow does not provide representation, and is in no position to make any assurances regarding representation. Lowboknow is merely a directory for connecting clients and attorneys.
What’s Lowboknow, and how do I sign up for it?
Lowboknow is a part of Proboknow. It’s a searchable directory of attorneys who have committed to representing clients on a “low bono” basis. If you’re open to representing clients on a low bono basis (i.e., at an affordable rate) and have already signed up for Proboknow, then you’re welcome to also sign up for Lowboknow. After signing up for Proboknow, you can choose to be listed in the Lowboknow directory by clicking on the opt-in box in your account settings. If you do opt in, then your profile will be listed in the Lowboknow directory - either with the same bio you use for your Proboknow profile, or with a separate, specially tailored one for Lowboknow. It’s as simple as that! Please note that, at the moment, Lowboknow is only open to those attorneys who have signed up for Proboknow. The reason for this is that we would like to encourage attorneys to at least check out the pro bono cases on the platform. Signing up for Proboknow is free, and there is no obligation to take on any of the pro bono cases. So, even if you’re only interested in taking on low bono cases, as opposed to pro bono ones, then nothing is lost by signing up for Proboknow; who knows – maybe you’ll find a pro bono case that’s particularly interesting?
What sort of rate qualifies as “low bono”? How much can I charge Lowboknow clients?
Lowboknow is meant to facilitate access to justice for the large portion of people that can’t afford market rate legal services. With that being said, we realize that affordability is relative - as to both what particular clients can pay and how much particular attorneys can afford to discount their services. For this reason, Lowboknow doesn’t set a cap on the fees charged by the attorneys listed in its directory, but does ask of them to be committed to charging the clients they receive from Lowboknow below-market, more affordable rates.